October 24, 2020
Green Ways to Get Rid of Allergens in the Home

Green Ways to Get Rid of Allergens in the Home

Dust, pollen, dander: There are numerous types of allergens that can invade a home. Those of us with indoor or outdoor allergies need to be proficient in getting rid of allergens in the home–and keeping them out as much as possible. Consider the following green tips for getting rid of allergens in the home (and avoiding those nasty allergy symptoms).

Get rid of the houseplants

While houseplants are wonderful in purifying indoor air naturally, they are also a source of allergens and can cause symptoms in people who have allergies. Get rid of the live plants and replace them with artificial ones. Just be sure to keep them dust-free if you are allergic to dust.

Leave the windows closed during allergy season

As much as you love to let in the fresh air, you’re going to be miserable if you have outdoor allergies. Keep the pollen and other allergens outside by keeping the windows closed during the peak of allergy season. Find other ways to avoid stale air, such as running the ventilation fan while cooking and freshen the air with an electric wax warmer and your favorite wax scents.

Keep pet hair to a minimum

If you are severely allergic to animals, it is not a good idea to allow them in the house. However, some people have mild allergies that can be minimized with several tricks. Firstly, bathe pets frequently and brush them daily to keep as much hair off the furniture as possible. Vacuum the floors and furniture as often as possible. If you are considering a future pet, choose a non-shedding breed, like my Maltese-Yorkie mix dog. While no pet is non-allergenic, certain breeds leave less allergens around the house.

Vacuum carpets and furniture frequently

Even if you don’t have pets, dust and other allergens will make their way into the house. They will settle into furniture and carpeting, which will build up if not removed frequently. Vacuum the floors and furniture at least twice a week to prevent the buildup of allergens.

Shower before going to bed

If you spend any time outdoors, you will likely track in outdoor allergens on your clothing and in your hair. If you experience seasonal allergy symptoms, change your clothing upon entering the home and shower before going to bed, especially during allergy season. Doing so will help keep these allergens from getting onto your pillows and bedding while you sleep.