October 24, 2020
Safety Tips for the Kitchen

Safety Tips for the Kitchen

A household has to be a safe, clean place for its members. It is more so, if there are children in the family. The furniture, equipment, and other things should be placed in such a way which fits in place, and does not obstruct movement. Other than heavy items, children should not be allowed to touch or fiddle with appliances, equipment which has live current. How much ever, the wiring may be concealed there are chances of electric shock and injury.

Of all the areas in the house, kitchen is the area which has the highest chance of accidents. Kitchen is the area which has the equipment for cooking purpose. It could be a gas stove, electric stove which may either have flame, heated cook top for cooking purpose. If the cooking equipment is a gas stove which uses gas as the fuel, and produces flame on burning should be kept safe from loose fabric and clothing. Extra care need to be taken to keep children away from the equipment while in use.

For kitchens that use electricity as the fuel, care and safety measures are needed as well. The fuel burns on electric range or induction cook tops which heats up the surface for cooking purposes. The drawback about such appliances is, the surface stays hot for quite some time after switching off power supply. Hence, there are more chances of accidents, injury if children come in contact of the surface by mistake. In this sense, gas stove burners have the advantages which do not stay hot after switching off. Whichever type stove or fuel may be used, precautions need to be taken to avoid accidents, injuries.

The other probable areas of injury in the kitchen are appliances such as toasters, oven, or equipment such as grill that can have hot surface. All these appliances stay hot for quite some time after switching off electric supply. Extra care need to be employed with children, while such appliances are in use and after use. Adults need to take extra care about switching off power buttons, gas button or any other button which children may try to operate on their own.

While working in the kitchen, adults need to employ safety measures at all times. After finishing cooking hot vessels, cookware which has hot food should be kept out of reach of children. Vessels such as pressure cookers that have steam can cause major injury if not taken adequate care with children. It is also important for vessels such as pressure cooker to have the whistle and gasket in place. The lid, whistle and gasket should fit in properly for the pressure to build properly and prevent any kind of accident.

It is advisable, and safe for an adult to be present in the kitchen while any equipment, appliance is in use. For cooking, or other work which takes times we tend to leave the appliance switched on and may not be around. It is those “few minutes”, which have the highest chances of injury and accidents with children. Though most of the safety in the kitchen is related to hot surfaces, the refrigerator, cabinets, sharp objects have equal chances of injury.

In the kitchen, sharp objects such as knives, forks, cutters should be handled with care and out of reach of children at all times. While using cabinets, storage which is high step stool or other aid which is stable should be used to prevent injury. Sometimes accidents also happen if small children, pets get locked in pantry, or some other storage by mistake.

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