October 24, 2020
Combination Sensitive Skin

The Body Shop Aloe Gentle Face Wash – Surprisingly Good for Combination Sensitive Skin

I have always been one to purchase expensive department store brands of facial cleansers. I thought that you had to spend a lot of money to get good quality. Since moving to the UK, I’ve had to pare down on my beauty budget quite a bit. When I ran out of my Origins Mint Wash and couldn’t afford £14 for another bottle, I started looking for a cheaper alternative. Not wanting to compromise too much, I visited The Body Shop to see what was on offer because I knew their company had an excellent reputation and used natural products. I’m very glad that I did.
I have sensitive combination skin. This means my skin absolutely freaks out with all sorts of nightmare reactions if anything is too harsh or too perfumed or doesn’t rinse well or any other host of things. The combination part means that my “T-zone” (nose, forehead and chin) are oily and other areas are dry or normal. Ironically, my forehead is oily with dry patches and so is my chin. My cheeks are fairly normal and my nose is extremely oily and prone to large pores. I break out in red patches and even hives if I use anything my skin doesn’t like and I can’t use anything with any sort of SPF protection or it clogs my sensitive pores.

Saying all this, it’s hard for me to find facial products. After talking to one of the helpful people at The Body Shop and she recommended that I try the Aloe range for sensitive skin. Being a modest £5 for the Aloe Gentle Facial Wash, it was a risk I was willing to take. The Gentle Facial Wash comes in a pump bottle. The scent is gentle and clean and it is a clear liquid that turns to a light, airy foam when you push the pump. They also have a regular Aloe cleanser if you prefer not to have the foam. The foam is great in the shower to me though. It is easy to use and it doesn’t take a lot to wash my face. It rinses clean and my skin doesn’t feel tight afterwards. When I used my toner after, there was no trace of dirt or make-up left on my face, so it cleansed well.

Here’s the official jargon from The Body Shop: “New Aloe for Sensitive Skin. Dermatologist approved, preservative-free, colour-free, fragrance-free, and proven to soothe, protect and minimise the reactions of sensitive skin. It’s our best ever sensitive skin care range. Made with Community Trade Aloe Vera.” On the bottle itself it reads “Aloe Gentle Facial Wash, Skin-comforting foam proven to cleanse without irritating. Rich, ultra-mild foam rinses away make-up, impurities and daily grime, leaving skin clean, not tight.” (See, I told you.)

I thought that I would not like this product at all. I was very surprised to find the opposite. I actually prefer this product to many of the other much more expensive brands that I’ve tried. It does the job of cleansing my skin and never ever once did I have a single itchy bump, red patch or any type of irritation that I get from so many other products. My skin felt clean, calm and smooth. My dry patches were soothed, my oily nose was matte and my normal skin was well, still normal. I have just finished my first bottle and I am looking forward to another trip to The Body Shop to try the rest of the Aloe range. I highly recommend this product for all skin types, but especially sensitive skin.

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