September 24, 2020
Tips for Picking Makeup Products Online

Tips for Picking Makeup Products Online

Internet is like a magic wand, especially when it comes to shopping! You can order stuff on your device, sitting thousands of miles away. Technology now allows you to browse more products and services in a very short span of time. For instance, how many pairs of heels you can try out in an hour, 10 or 15 maybe? But if you are  browsing through an online catalogue, you’ll be able to go through at least a hundred pairs of heels in the time frame of an hour. But there are a few rules that you need to keep in mind before you start buying things online. For example, you need to know your exact shoe-size before ordering shoes, similarly you need to know a few things about your skin before you order makeup and beauty products online.

Know Your Skin Tone

If you are not aware about your skin tone, there’s a good possibility that you are buying wrong makeup products. Skin tone is not the colour of your skin, but the colour of your ‘under-skin’. There are two types of skin tones – warm and cool. If your skin reflects more yellow/red then you have warm skin tone and alternatively, if your skin reflects more pink/blue then you have cool skin tone.

How to Pick Makeup According to the Skin Tone

First thing you need to understand is that skin tone and skin colour are two separate entities and they can be very different from one another. If your skin colour is white but your skin tone is more yellowish, you need to buy shades that reflect/enhance yellow on your skin. Pick foundations that match your skin-tone in order to look naturally flawless. If you have warm skin tone, pick lipsticks and eye shadows in shades like red, wine, golden, orange, bronze and peach. If you have cool tone opt for shades like blue, green, purple, lavender, aqua and pink.