September 24, 2020
Why You Should Do Your Hair DIY

Why You Should Do Your Hair DIY

I would probably get skinned alive for even considering to write this article by the countless of people who vouch for their Hair treatment specialists. But I have a purpose in mind to write this article, which is to provide an alternative guide for friends out there who want to look great but do not have the budget to splurge on hair care professionals to tend to their mane. Afterall, a recent statistical study done in UK found that on average, people spend $20,000 in their lifetime on hair treatments.

First and foremost, I would like to establish that our hair actually needs minimal care and even self caring as most things natural. Our creator has designed our hair to be self-lubricating and self-caring to a large extent. In all practicality, we actually only need to wash with, shampoo and conditioner, hair on a regular basis and comb it routinely to maintain those wonderful locks tangle-free and frizz free. Even if you have curly hair, you really only need to maintain it by washing it and combing it naturally. I would concede that with advances of civilization, there exist stuff in the air which may impede our hair’s natural cleaning ability. These pollutants are sometimes sticky or oily and needs special care to remove but still that does not justify a $500 bill at a glitzy hair salon.

Secondly you need to know that most salon hair care products are available outside of the salon. These includes professional hair care products from prestigious brands such as Sebastian or Vidal Sassoon. Buying these hair care products from your local grocery store (or online at online supermarkets such as!) can save you a lot of money. Imagine that a big bottle of Vidal Sassoon professional hair care shampoo only cost you $10 while a treatment at a salon which uses probably 10ml of the shampoo will set you back $100. Unless you are Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, you are probably better off spending that $100 somewhere else.

Thirdly is the time saved from waiting at the salon if you DIY your hair treatments. Believe it or not, the average waiting time for getting a hair treatment done at a salon is a whopping 1.5 hours. Imagine what you could have done in that amount of time doing your own hair-do. Some popular salons have also gone to the extent of introducing appointment slots to book their star hairstylists for treatments. If we go a little bit further, I am actually quite worried about whether the hairstylist may suffer from fatigue and made a terrible mistake while attending to you.

Lastly, buy all your hair treatment products from well known sources like and enjoy great savings on popular brands. Have your shopping delivered to your home to add to your convenience. Know where to save and splurge, your money will work harder for you that way.